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Child Molestation vs. Child Love, by Wolfi Landstreicher (Critically Annotated)

The material contained in this text is gut-wrenching and disturbing. What follows is a critically annotated edition of Apio Ludd / Feral Faun / Wolfi Landstreicher’s Child Molestation vs. Child Love, from his (otherwise celebrated) anthology, Rants, Essays and Polemics. It is a defense of the sexual abuse of children and, ironically, a call to “fight the real child molesters’’ — Landstreicher’s term for parents, schools, and churches. In some parts of the work, it is quite graphic and the reader should tread lightly. Those who have suffered child sexual abuse in the past may want to stop here.

It is presented with criticism. It is not in the interest of Heresy Distro to distribute molestation apologia by itself. Our choice of publishing this work is in the interest of knowledge — not of the arguments of self-styled “child lovers,’’ but rather knowledge about Wolfi Landstreicher’s views on “child love” so that one can act accordingly in their interactions with him.

Plain (PDF)

2-up imposed (PDF)

Single-sheet imposed (PDF)


Gender After Civilization

Download Gender After Civilization (PDF)

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS | Dispatches From Beyond the Front Line: Towards a Theory of Ex-Fascism

Dispatches From Beyond the Front Line: Towards a Theory of Ex-Fascism #1 is now seeking submissions.
We’re seeking anarchists and leftists who have defected from the far-right to share their stories about:

  • How they got into the far-right;
  • How they got out;
  • What the state of the far-right was like when they were active;
  • How they were introduced into anarchism; and most importantly:
  • Advice and resources for those who are looking to get out or who have recently left, including:
    • Making amends with communities one’s hurt;
    • How to blow the whistle on fascist organizations;
    • How to use one’s insider knowledge to further the anti-fascist cause;

and anything else useful for a theory, and practice, of ex-fascism.

Not a writer? No problem — interview proposals welcome!



We Are All Going to Die, by Black Oak Clique

Download We Are All Going to Die (PDF)

Send us your music!

Due to the sheer volume of submissions we’ve received so far for Hate Music, Hate Fascism, our label, Black and Green Tapes, is officially opening our doors to submissions. We’re looking for extreme music for extreme people, with themes of

  • Ecology,
  • Anarchy,
  • Anti-civilization,
  • Indigenous cultures,
  • Animal liberation and/or veganism, or
  • anti-fascism / racism / sexism, etc.

We put our releases on tape and for streaming, and we design our own covers. We donate all profit to charity.

Send some of your material to

And we’ll get back to you ASAP!

CALL FOR MUSICIANS | Hate Music, Hate Fascism

Heresy Distro’s sonic propaganda wing, Black and Green Tapes, is putting out a call for our inaugural compilation: Hate Music, Hate Fascism. We’re looking for artists producing

  • Noise
  • Experimental
  • Drone
  • (Dark) ambient
  • Power electronics
  • Free improvisation
  • Field recordings

and other related genres, with themes of anti-fascism, anti-racism, and anarchism. The release will be put to tape, and 100% of proceeds will go to Schools for Chiapas, a charity helping to educate children in Zapatista territory in Southern Mexico.

The tape will be released July 1, 2019. Check out our bandcamp or e-mail us if you think you have something we’d like to hear.





GENDER AFTER CIVILIZATION: Queer Lives in the Aftermath is now seeking submissions.

GENDER AFTER CIVILIZATION: Queer Lives in the Aftermath is a journal of queer anarchist theory and art from anti-civ, post-civ, green, anti-colonial, and indigenous thinkers. First and foremost, we reject the notion that the negation of civilization will necessarily exclude trans* struggles, from both sides of the argument: objectionable TERFs such as Derrick Jensen, and aptly-named truscum who deny the lived experiences of indigenous trans* folk pre-colonization. We believe industrial civilization actively works to degrade and assimilate queer lives. This much is apparent. The question becomes: what lies past the veil of insurrection against Leviathan? What will our queer lives be like in the aftermath?

This call is purposefully brief: this journal is intended as a space to explore the possibilities that total liberation will bring. Against all cages!